Cali-Nev-Ha Division 6 Penguins are selling divisional shirts for $10 for PTP!

$17 for those in need of shipping & handling!

and remember to pick up a D6 crewneck for $20 as well! $25 for shipping & handling to anywhere in the United States!

you may also pick up your shirt and/or sweater @ FALL RALLY SOUTH if you are attending! 

tell all your friends in and out of Key Club because this IS a fundraiser for PTP! 11/11/11 11:11 just passed by when we made our wishes, but there’s still time to fulfill the wishes of safety for children ^__^ ~ ! so get your shirts & crewnecks ASAP for Pediatric Trauma Prevention!

interested in buying? you can mail in your order or pay through PAYPAL!

please contact or @junanaderp if you are interested and stay FLY LIKE A D6 <( ” ) !  <— it’s a penguin haha :d !

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    i want one of these i hope they are still selling!!
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    reppin’ it with Alex and Sentia!
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    support D6 (:
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    why is key club gear so sexy.
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    i wish we got cool shirts like these in key club!
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    I WANT!!!!!!
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